Contribute to Ergo notebooks

How to change a notebook and make a PR

  1. Open the notebook in JupyterLab or Colab (Run a notebook in Colab or JupyterLab)

  2. Make your changes

  3. Follow our Notebook Style

  4. Run the notebook in Colab. Save the .ipynb file (with output) in ergo/notebooks

  5. Run make scrub. This will produce a scrubbed version of the notebook in ergo/notebooks/scrubbed/.

    1. You can git diff the scrubbed version against the previous scrubbed version to more easily see what you changed

    1. You may want to use nbdime for better diffing

6. You can now make a PR with your changes. If you make a PR in the original ergo repo (not a fork), you can then use the auto-comment from ReviewNB to more thoroughly vet your changes