Notebook contrib folder

Adding new packages

For modules providing functionality specific to the questions addressed in a notebook, create a new package in contrib /ergo/contrib/{your_package} and include an file. You can then access it in your notebook with:

from ergo.contrib.{your_package} import {module_you_want}

For modules providing more general functionality of use across notebooks (and perhaps a candidate for inclusion in core ergo), you can use /ergo/contrib/utils. You can either add a new module or extend an existing one. You can then access it with:

from ergo.contrib.utils import {module_you_want}

Adding dependencies

  1. Usual poetry way with –optional flag

poetry add {pendulum} --optional
  1. You can then (manually in the pyproject.toml) add it to the ‘notebook’ group

(Look for “extras” in pyproject.toml)

notebooks = [

(To my knowledge) there is no way currently to do this second step with the CLI.

This allows people to then install the additional notebook dependencies with:

poetry install -E notebooks